The Bike Bike

The Bike Bike sculpture made out of 200 recycled bikes by artist Alasdair Nicol set for Sydney's 2010 Art & About Festival

Wall of Death, with bicycle YEEES!!!!! Yogayakarta, Javam Indonesia


Oh where is 'Cyclo the Kinetc Demon' now or Mr.Canary and his 'Circle of death', perhaps In Yogaykarta!

Who are these trick cyclists ?

we think they may be Italian ?
no they are not it is le 'Cirque Invisible'with Victoria Chaplin daughter of Charlie...


Coming to the Cube (20th September) and a cyclepath near you soon!

Watch this space!

Critical Mass April 24th

Great fun! Really good fun ! Good turnout more please!

Bad Bones

Eh Voila a real fat drop of a tall bike.

Spoke 'n' Chain

Spoke 'n' Chain is then,
at last we have decide on the umbrella name for Cycling Circus Carnival project
sub-projects include .......Cap'n Bikebeard, The Bike Brothers, M32 cycling club, Bikey Pikey,
Avon Valley Bike Brigade, Cheaper than Walking,

400 Tandems, Bicycle Taxi racing, Artistique Family on a Dayout

and this !!!! click on picture to see all of it in glorious cerno byli

Bike Club at 'the Island' has begun

Ici le Trivelo Mk1, plenty jollification, bit of this bit of that, undo it all and go back to the first thing we did et voila ca commence.......Kevin and Hintsch
..........more fun fun , more bikes please, tall, fake ordinarys, stilt ones etc begins click on 1919 combined riders picture...........see below

The Boneshaker

Yo me hearties, shapes beginning to ship, cyclonauts abounding and tinkering, Thursday eves there be scrapband and stilters dancing a jig at Trinity, Carnival has begun!!!!!

Austin Bike Zoo

we found 'em this is what we want to do for St Paul's Carnival !!!!
join us if you dare!!!!!
thank you Austin Bike Zoo